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INFRAPOWER manufactures and distributes infrared panels working at highest efficiencies. Guided by the belief that infrapower is the most efficient and therefore, energy and resource saving way of heating, INFRAPOWER seeks to provide “the engine” for all possible infrared applications.

We control the entire value chain from the management and operations of raw materials on long term contracts. Like this we ensure our production uses hightest material standards. With three production units and some 800 people we manufacture several thousands of infrared base panels per months.

INFRAPOWER was established in 1994 and since then grows significantly and is still expanding. This is achieved by the means of acquisitions but even more important by investments in research and development and therefore, increased demand for our high efficient and energy saving infrared panel systems. INFRAPOWER is committed to long-term investments and will continue to pursue its ambitious growth targets. With a growth rate of some 25-30% every single year since the establishment and the intention to continue the growth by higher capacity utilisation, increased output from existing units and most important by further development of our patented carbon fiber and reflector technology we believe to be able to power all possible infrared panel applications with our infrared technology.

INFRAPOWER is truly driven by its vision of achieving excellence in using our tight resources in the most efficient way. Heating should use as less resources as possible. We are focused on a continuous improvement in order to maintain our competitive advantage and technological edge, develop further our logistics and we are committed to strict environmental requirements and guiding principles. INFRAPOWER achieves this goals by its pepole, organisation and their expertise as well as whole-hearted commitment.

Consultation and sales by Celine Power Spain, Costa Blanca

Celine Power , Plaza Sierra Castilla 33,03177 San Fulgencio, Spain


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